Eyes of the Docks

Eyes of the Docks was a touring multimedia art installation  created by Trish Edelstein of Boomerang Productions. Beginnig in Cork City in 2006, a group of international artists gave their responses and interpretations to the history and the way of life of the men who worked on the docks in Cork, Liverpool, Belfast and New York. The artists worked in numerous mediums which included large scale prints, sound installations and DVD projections across the Bonded Warehouse, a significant historical building in the Port of Cork.

Eyes of the Docks – Bonded Warehouse, Cork

My contribution to the project was a series of five large-scale woodcuts¬†– a visual response to the Bonded Warehouse’s architecture and the generations of people who have worked there.

The installation subsequently travelled to venues in Holland, England, and the North of Ireland.

Artist, exhibition maker and educator based in Cork, Ireland