See Through

See Through was a 2014 group exhibition held as part of the Skibbereen Arts Festival, Co. Cork. My installation in the show, Between the Lines, was a collaboration with artist Michele O’Connor Connolly. The installation was related to Michele’s The Pen Project, in which she is investigating the nature of collecting/hoarding in a culture driven by consumption, by making artworks based on a collection of 1000 pens.

Between the Lines – mixed media

A trace of history between humans and the built (man-made) environment, the work is made with pens from the collection and interrogates communication and connection. ‘If we don’t reach out we don’t exist’. Through the pen, the mark of line turns to drawing, an object that exists in space, bringing it into the world.

This site-specific installation consisted of various elements, including a 25 meter lithograph printed from a limestone block, and a pantograph with which visitors could generate their own drawings and contribute to the installation themselves.

Photography by Michele O Connor Connolly.


Artist, exhibition maker and educator based in Cork, Ireland