Lost Boys

My contribution to a recent session, where we were given about 25 minutes to compose and deliver a piece of critical writing on the current exhibition Lost Boys. I decided to take the “experimental” route…


Maybe I shouldn’t read the description, might bias my view. What is that song? Why is that hung from the ceiling? Hope I can read this handwriting afterwards. Something about male adolescence – you never see those old style tvs anymore, wonder is that deliberate? Those lads look bored. That piece of rope looks very sinister. Is that an actual drawing? Where have I heard that name before? How many words is that anyway? How long have we left – better start taking this in. Must come back later and see this properly. That looks very staged. That’s very quaint tin whistle music – oh, it alternates with the heavy metal does it? They’re still sitting on that bench looking bored.

There’s no music at all now.

“I’ll be having a word with someone at the council about this…”

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