Hexagon exhibition – work in progress

Developing a new body of work for Hexagon,¬†a six person show coming up in the Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray this November. Continuing on from my MA work, I want to develop a modular, adaptable artwork which I can play with at the venue and respond to the space and the other artist’s work. I also want the work to come out of the dedicated gallery area, and make appearances ¬†throughout the building, though maybe subtly, almost in a subliminal way.

Because I’ve designed the pieces from triangular shapes, they can form hexagons (crap literal reference to the show’s title not intended – much) and will form repeat patterns readily which may be useful for 2d work. Could engage with wall or floor space that way, or maybe form stencils for something. A bit of a snowflakey vibe going on at the moment, because the pieces are white, which I’m not sure I like. Then the show will run over Christmas I suppose.

I’m probably mostly interested in the 3d sculptural aspect of the work, and how they can fit together to form structures. Playing around to see the different ways they can do this. I Like the idea of having one or more potentially large structures, maybe forming a path for the viewer to navigate. Or maybe the viewer can actually manipulate the work themselves in areas?

I’m considering printing some colour or imagery on them if I can work out a way of doing it that makes sense. Might make them a little bigger too, and work out a way to make a large edition of them (I’ll be needing shitloads.)

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