Third Semester Research

First group crit. Having developed and refined the design of a modular system of art-making during the previous months, I continued to work with them and use them to build up a vocabulary of forms. Experimenting with manipulating the pieces around existing objects and environments.


Working with the existing architecture in the studio space. Interested in the tension between the work playing an apparent structural role like a buttress, while actually being totally functionless.


While considering dispersing the work through the room during the final show, I began to make scale models of the studio space to begin to conceptualise doing this. I got interested in exploring the relationship between these models and the aesthetics & function of the work itself. It generated some imagery which could be useful.


Became interested in the relationship the work could have when paired with existing functional objects, in this case objects that were actually involved in its original fabrication.


Decided for final show to fabricate a large amount of the modular pieces, and vary the design to include larger pieces that were exactly the length as three original ones. This was both to make construction with them faster, and to vary the aesthetic texture of the resulting work. Looked into an automated production method using a CNC cutter, but this wasn’t feasible, so all pieces had to be machined by hand using a band saw, and then finished and assembled by hand.


After about a month of working on the pieces, I now had several hundred units to work with. Made so many to have the option of building ambitious structures of some spectacle, should the work dictate that. In advance of the show experimented with constructing larger structures than I’d been able to before, trying to intuitively respond to the location and the rule-set inherent in the work itself.


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