James Brooks

Information – exchange, how it is mediated and received.

Removed all audio but laughter track from Hancock’s Half Hour episode. Assembled biographies with dust jackets removed in alphabetical order (alludes to readymade / de Stijl)

“Procedural invention rather than autobiographical intervention”

Global Editions – newspaper pages with text removed and images replaced with grey boxes, layered over each other, got darker as more were layered, ¬†Comments on modernist abstraction. Removes the “currency” of shock form the image which now proliferates media.


Saturates – newspapers covered in black ink, purges the narrative of current affairs yet retains the physical object. Comment on digital readers / screen-based reception of information?


Letter form the House of Commons –¬†letter from his MP about copyright laws converted to computer code and laboriously written out adhering to original layout. Reveals the impersonal, ghost written nature of the correspondence and perhaps the whole political system.

Letter from the House of Commons
Letter from the House of Commons

Has also produced audio work – mixing Phil Spector songs together – Hancock’s Half Hour – sound in a cacophany / overbearing. Silence comes as a form of relief.

“Repetition of small marks combining to make a whole…acceptance of readymade asymmetrical composition in preference to self – elevation aesthetic decision-making”

Where is the artist located ???


Domobaal essay on James Brooks’ exhibition Information Exchange;