Loris Greaud

The Snorks – a concert for creatures – the world of the abyss. He became fascinated with bioluminescence, a phenomenon where phytoplankton and other small sea creatures collectively produce giant clouds of light that can be detected from space. This is thought to be the most widespread form of communication between non-human creatures on the planet. He organised a giant firework display in Abu Dhabi (obviously very savvy about how much money they have there, especially for a project involving the marine). The footage of this was beamed onto giant screens in Times Square, New York via satellite – this he saw as acting as an artificial representation of bioluminescence. So we have the Earth’s largest communication interface receiving an interpretation of the most widespread form of communication between non-human creatures on Earth.

He has commissioned a band, Anti-Pop consortium, to compose music to be played underwater to the sea creatures at a depth between 3500 and 5000 metres below sea level. This will also form the soundtrack to a movie based on the event. His intention is to make the creatures produce the light phenomenon in response to the music.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuMTM5MVdXg]


Nanosculptures – tiny sculptures, only visible through an electron microscope, apparently inspired by Alice in Wonderland,

Cellar Door – Opera-based piece, collaboration with Ramundas Malasauskus. Consisted in on form of 3 rooms, separated by quick sliding doors. Geodesic design on floor carpet. There were identical triplets serving champagne to visitors and sweets were served with absolutely n taste of their own.

Adrian Searle’s Guardian podcast – live commentary on Cellar Door  http://podbay.fm/show/152548644/e/1209658026


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