Sarah Browne

Carpet for Venice Biennalle, 2009
Carpet for Venice Biennale, 2009









As part of the Venice Biennale, 2009, Sarah Browne commissioned this carpet from Donegal Carpets. This company has a long history making handmade carpets for very prestigious clients, but now only does machine production or outsourcing production to factories abroad.

To make this work, Sarah had to actually re-employ women who used to work at the factory and who now work at its heritage centre. The minimalist, almost modernist design was in part dictated by her decision to only use yarns still there in the factory, and there were few colours available. A silent film was also made to chronicle the production of the piece.

She is interested in the work’s role as a piece of national identity, and the sense of the various histories of the people and company involved in its making.





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